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  1. samwise

    Are you a lurker?

    I'll be booking very soon, but I'm waiting for another guest announcement first.
  2. samwise

    Post your pics guys

    My photos are here :)
  3. samwise

    What part of the convention...

    Meeting Michael :)
  4. samwise

    What are you going to get Signed? And Why

    An 8x10 of Life on Mars for Philip Glenister (it's already signed by Marshall Lancaster and Dean Andrews), and probably a Farscape 8x10 of Ben Browder. That's it for me this time round!
  5. samwise

    Shawshank Redemption - the reunion !

    Good idea. Paul McCrane and the wonderful Jude Ciccolella!
  6. samwise

    Who is your PRIORITY no 1 guest to meet?

    Christopher Lloyd. A living legend!
  7. samwise

    Who would YOU like to see at Chevron 7?

    I think I'd pass out if you got Ben Browder.
  8. samwise

    David Boreanaz special event

    I wouldn't go to see just David, but I'd always go to an Angel con.
  9. I'd be VERY interested in meeting guests from CSI and CSI: NY. Especially Carmine and George XD
  10. samwise

    Which guest have you met the most times?

    Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite, Mark Sheppard, Summer Glau...and probably Andy Hallett!
  11. samwise


    David Krumholz please!
  12. samwise


    So you know that the schedule we had before the event was a little false So i prefer to have a right schedule only saturday than a false tonight Of course I don't want a false schedule, what kind of a question is that? I realise that there were changes at Eclipse, but I would like a rough idea of when the photoshoot is (even if it's only what day they're going to be on) and what time the last talks finish as I have had to change travel plans.
  13. samwise


    Of course, it's better to know, but don't worry if we have not the schedule At Eclipse, photo session and Autograph session were from 9 am to 2 pm (or 4 pm on sunday) and the Q&A sessions were the afternoon... And the Group shot was on sunday morning. But nobody know whether it would be the same schedule. I'm not going to worry, I just said it would be nice to know. Travel plans, etc? And I was at Eclipse, I know what happened!
  14. samwise


    I'd be curious to know too! I'm curious to when the group shot will take place - not to mention the talks, etc!
  15. The guest talks and meeting Frederic.