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  1. yayyyyyyyyyyyy! i got mine today oh Jola, not sure if your the person to speak to about this but when i ordered my ET4 ticket i put that i bought my ET3 ticket at et2 but i put down the wrong number :S i said i was ST54 but i'm actuatly ST51 >.< do you think its still okay? :S
  2. ahhh thankgod!!! D: i was worrying then xD woooop! i hope mine comes tommorow :)
  3. i still don't have my letter :'( and i'm starting to get really worried now because i got it at ET2 so don't have any email proof or anything
  4. www.twitter.com/katie_andhearts katiieee_x_x@ hotmail.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=na...mp;id=615576123 ;D
  5. look at the post above yours katie. psh. xD loooooooooooooool i am :') wooooo one month
  6. guuuuuuuys like how many days is it now?
  7. i know someone who's staying in the Premier Inn i'm guessing its quite close to the Hilton so you could try there :) http://www.premierinn.com/en/home.action theres quite a few of them in Brum so make sure you get the right one .. closest to the NEC :)
  8. WE WANT ... NO NEEED GUESTSS D: i hate how impatient i am :/ i check this every few hours to see if anythings been announced xD
  9. me and Jade will be wearing our Jedward T-shirts ;D we're gonna try and bring all the xfactor peeps back with us to the party :)
  10. dooooooooooooooooooooooods :] i haven't been on here in agess D: how are we all? ;D
  11. LMAO xD woooooooooooooop :] and Charlie ;]
  12. i love HP but i'm deffo going to ET4 theres still LFCC and collectormania guyss :) and Jade .... JEDWARD RAPING
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