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  1. To whom ever it concerns

    Well from what I've seen so far, you should fit right in. I ain't had a problem with anyone, you just imagine their must be a few dodgy people on a forum this big..
  2. Theo's Glittery Cauldron

    Hey Stan, if you need to go to the back room it can be arranged. I hear from another topic that Yubari is looking for some action. I though am far too busy with Theo. *Drags Theo by the hair into love nest*
  3. To whom ever it concerns

    It's run by the same wonderfull people, (licks ass) If Bill Paxton went i think i might wet myself, lol. We can only see what happens. Nice to meet you Twister, most of the guys are nice on here, And the bad ones are spam cats, lol.
  4. Theo's Glittery Cauldron

    *emerges from secret room, mascara and lipstick all over face, hair a mess* wow, that was good, think i might come here more often *dives into swimming pool*
  5. Theo's Glittery Cauldron

    (sounds of laughing and screaming coming from the secret room) 'wow Theo, you really are Mr Big' *gets bull whip out*
  6. Theo's Glittery Cauldron

    *slips little black dress off* Like what you see Theo?????? *walks thru to secret room*
  7. Theo's Glittery Cauldron

    MMMMM, I like a fast guy, do you have a little quite back room, we could escape for some fun for a while???
  8. Harry Potter books vs films

    Really??? I love the books. The films are sooo bad it is untrue. There was me thinking you was a classy guy Theo..
  9. Theo's Glittery Cauldron

    Hey sorry girl, no offence meant, you can never be too sure, lol. The G&T is very nice my dear, could use another when your ready.
  10. Theo's Glittery Cauldron

    Hi Vamps. Sorry missed you in the corner. I'm cool... R u a guy then or a girl???
  11. Theo's Glittery Cauldron

    'Hey, whats a sexy guy like you doing in a place like this' *sips gin and tonic*
  12. Theo's Glittery Cauldron

    (Sexy lady walks into the bar) 'Hey handsome, you gonna get me a drink or what' *Sits on stool waiting*
  13. 500 bottles of beer on the wall....

    134 bottles of beer on the wall 134 bottles of beer take 1 away, for another day. 133 bottles of beer on the wall
  14. yet another av site

    I found this one too, though it was a while ago. Like your av though
  15. What is new.

    Why thankyou all, though your right Jog, it is a bit long sorry, didn't think of that at the time. I tried loads of names, and they kept being rejected, so this was a **** take. Even though I made a spelling mistake, lol.