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  1. they did for Rigg, Tyson, Lloyd Delorean, and maybe some others
  2. maybe Bill Pullman ? I wonder if Christopher Lee would be eligible, he has done some signings (and signed his CD only at a con), but Im not sure about a show like EMS.
  3. cool, now with three 'Hellraiser II' guests at the event, any chance to have a group photoshoot like last time please ?
  4. seeing who has been announced for EMS, I think it would be gread to have her too
  5. good announcement and a double photoshoot with her + Alex Kingston would be great !
  6. fantastic pics, well done! you didnt go for the Spiner/Nimoy duo ?
  7. this picture is awesome, well worth the money, you can hardly do better, except maybe if they do an "all captains" photoshoot (can you imagine) and timelord81r, cant wait to see yours
  8. really nice to see we are gettin more Hellraiser guests after the awesome LFCC, hope it will continue like that ! thx
  9. nice but too bad he had to cancel last time, would have been even nicer to see him with Bob Anderson again
  10. yes but not the mini-series would be cool to see more of it, or at least Richard Herd / Andrew Prine good guest
  11. good suggestion and he has done signing events before
  12. this topic needs love now that the expo MK event is cancelled maybe we can have some of the suggested poster artists at EMS, please ?
  13. with the 3D release of The Phantom Menace in february, I hope we will see some kind of an EPISODE 1 reunion with some new names also, I hope for a bigger comics presence at the event, or maybe a big manga guest ?
  14. yes Jenny Agutter please and would be nice to see Michael Carter since he cancelled the last time at MK. Actually many other cast & crew from the film also worked on SW like John Altman, Vic Armstrong, Doug Beswick, or Dickey Beer (Boba Fett stunt)
  15. yeah we need some Sliders guests !
  16. would love to see Charles Napier from Star Trek TOS & DS9 or Skip Homeier
  17. exactly, hope Diana Muldaur and Jennifer Lien arent far behind
  18. at last some love for Raiders 30th anniversary ^^
  19. Malcom Dixon maybe, he once did Autographica ! and hes a rare SW guest
  20. always good to hear, cant wait! and lets not forget Autographica too also feel free to add some of the great guests ideas you had for this now cancelled event, Im thinking poster artists and Alexey Pajitnov... thanks
  21. now that we had adult Amy Pond, it would be even cooler to have her
  22. Bruce Gray, he was SURAK in Star Trek Enterprise, and had some other roles in DS9/TNG and Starship Troopers and
  23. can not wait for this : http://trekmovie.com/2011/07/18/exclusive-...or-free-online/
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