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  1. Ooh look what i found, an old account.
  2. Ahh a Bloodpack reunion would be sheer heaven, Danny John Jules is a nice easy one at least *looks hopeful*
  3. I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 and animation shop myself for pretty much all my graphics stuff.
  4. I used to fall over all the time, it hurt
  5. I had a few actually, god can you remember how one of the leg linings would always get twisted and then you spent hours trying to get in it.
  6. Yep i gotta get a tent too eeep. How are you getting there? Stickx Hmmm Norwich - Hull - Night with lover - Then meeting Troy - Download - Hull - Aftersun - Norwich kinda that route... Ooh Argos have these cute little one man tents on sale for 9.99 at the mo, I'm going to grab one of those, it even has a side hatch for my drunken body to fall into
  7. Well after long fights to sort out babysitting I shall be coming along with ptenbob. *bounces* Can't wait, though I still need to go tent shopping.....
  8. Wasnt there like a forum wedding last year? Yes Combat_gerbil and Elfie or Kev and Carolyn as we know them met at C5 last year, fell in love and are now very happily married. *smiles happily* I have loads of crushes... Ptenbob as he's the most huggable forum member, Theodan_of_rohan as he's the cutest ever and a few others.. But I'm happily taken now so they are safe from me lol!
  9. I know, but it's more fun to watch everyone wonder than tell..
  10. Golly gosh he is very gorgeous in person. Now I'm kicking myself for not going.
  11. Happy Birthday hun! Have a great day...
  12. *sigh* Some of us would love to get the chance to crew, not for the money and certainly not so we could get closer to the celebs, just because we'd like to give something back to an event thats made us good friends. I have to save for months to come to an event, pay for my own hotel and I'm skint as anything. I won't be at this event as I've just moved house and I can't afford it but I'll live. Now good grief be grateful you even have the chance to crew.
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