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  1. Based on the current line up I certainly wouldn't expect many queues.
  2. I've noticed a definite reduction in the number of "over the table" photos in recent years which is very disappointing. The cynic in me might suggest this has come in since the number of paid photo opportunities has increased.....
  3. Peter Dinklage for me. At present a solid but not overly impressive line up.
  4. sdog


    I only popped in for a couple of hours on Sunday and despite the weather managed to get all the autos I wanted and had time to browse the stalls. I would particularly like to thank SM for maintaining their policy of charging £10 for some of the guests. In these difficult financial times finance is a genuine issue for many of us and having been to other shows where prices all seem to start at £15 even for actors with small roles and very thin cv's it's great to see SM still offering a considerable number of guests at £10. It certainly does encourage me to meet some of them and I've had some great meetings as a result. This time round Richard Hope proved an absolute gentleman, very happy to talk for ages and seemed genuinely pleased to discuss his time on Doctor Who - £10 well spent! Long may the SM £10 pricing policy continue.
  5. You are not alone Timelord81r, I'd love to meet Ian. He was brilliant in Deadwood - one of the finest performances I've seen in any tv series.
  6. Its been a fair time since Bernard joined us, any chance he could be persuaded again please?
  7. Good call. I'd love to meet him.
  8. Great news - many thanks SM. For me the best guest announced so far.
  9. I think sensible prices is a key point. Having paid for entry I resent being charged over the top prices for items that can be relatively easily purchased in high street shops, and believe me I've seen this happen far too often!
  10. Any chance of some of the 1973 Sundertand FA Cup winning team? Their win over Leeds was one of the greatest sporting upsets in history so it would be great to meet them.
  11. I went along on both days and had a blast. All of the guests I met (mainly but not exclusively the Doctor Who guests) were excellent and it was great that so many were doing over the table photos. I thought the organisation was generally excellent and although the heat was a pain I don't think SM can be blamed for a freak heat wave in October. Particular thanks to the pit boss at the David Tennant signing area who resolved my friend's problem over her lost VQ ticket in splendid fashion. It really was much appreciated. Overall I liked the venue, was able to get all the autographs I wanted and loved the guest line up - so its a big thumbs up from me!
  12. Out of interest - what did you do for the three and a quarter hours between being told to move off the steps and wandering back to John Hurt's queue?
  13. I've got 135 for David Tennant and 13 for Arthur Darvill. Pretty happy with that! Looking forward to the show.
  14. Fantastic news! One of my favourite actresses of all time. SM - you are surpassing yourselves!
  15. Bernard Cribbins, Toby Jones and/or Alun Armstrong please!
  16. Great guest announcement! That has swayed it for me - tickets ordered and photo shoot booked. Thanks SM - keep the Doctor Who stars coming!
  17. Would definitely be interested in Holm, Eccleston and Bean - but especially Christopher Eccleston, he's expensive but compared to the others a real bargain. Having seen the queues for Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston i think there's definitely a huge market for him even at that price.
  18. I too would love to see David Morse at an event. He's been in loads of good stuff.
  19. Any guest from Tombstone gets my vote!
  20. I'm loving the New Who guests - please keep them coming! Very pleased with this announcement - he was terrific in the mid-season finale.
  21. My first guest was Alan Ruck back at C3 in May 2003 and I met Billy Boyd and Andy Serkis later the same day. Took a while to pluck up the courage but as Alan had no queue I finally wandered up and was rewarded with a great chat from a top bloke. However, if I knew then how much money this hobby would subsequently cost I'm not sure I'd have done it!
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