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  1. Okay thank you I’m glad it didn't come across like that and I do appreciate you responding to me as well so thank you :)
  2. Okay no problem diddnt mean to come across rude to you at all so sorry if it came across like that, I really appreciate your help I just sent him an email now so hopefully he’ll get back to me soon
  3. Well I just thought I would ask... I wasn’t being rude I just was wondering if anything has happened with my refund
  4. thank you for your help, No Iv not had a new card it’s the same card and account that I used for the order. Thanks for the communication I really appreciate it by the way
  5. Hi I’m probably being a pain to Jason because I have emailed him a few times with this, the last reply I had was that the refund would take a couple of days but like I said that was now almost 2 weeks ago so if I can get some sort of estimated time I can expect the refund I’d appreciate it because I was relaying on that money to go towards Cardiff this weekend. The order number is 16270080 thank you
  6. I’m Still waiting for my refund for London, I got told it will take a few days to go through which was 11 days ago! I was hoping to use that money for Cardiff comic con this weekend, doubt very much I’ll see it by then. I understand there’s a lot of orders and things but I can’t understand how A refund can take this long.... Getting inpatient now
  7. Great allo allo guests, will there be a duo photo shoot with both sue and Arthur?
  8. So happy you got some big finish guests thank you!!!! Let’s be greedy and hope for at least one game of thrones guest though haha
  9. That’s a great guest announcement! Still hoping for some game of thrones ones though
  10. Yes mine still hasn’t arrived either. who’s autograph are you waiting for?
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