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  1. I do gush about it to anyone who gives me an opening but I realised a while back that no-one wants to see more than 20-24 pics from your holiday or your event no matter what it is. So I print the best of my Con snaps for a mini album and just show those, usually a mix of guests and cosplay. If they ask for more than I am happy to go on but rare that it happens!
  2. I had lots of really great meetings but some of the best were: Jason Isaacs - he was lovely and friendly, very willing to talk and he told me a story from the Peter Pan filming when signing my pic which was hilarious. I think it was one of my favourite meetings in years of Cons. Gina Torres - she was just as lovely as I hoped she would be. Friendly and wonderful to meet! Robert Patrick - great guy, very engaging. Wanted to talk to the fans he was meeting and really focussing on us. Seems like a sweet guy in real life. Manu Bennett - the poor man was so late on Friday due to a late plane but he was willing to stay late and finish signing for his queue even with security scowling at us all (sorry Olympia staff!) and he was a really nice, funny guy.
  3. The Tom Felton gift was a miniature hip-flask key-ring engraved "Polyjuice Potion". Loved it! Thanks again Showmasters!
  4. He was totally lovely and sweet. I asked him to sign a Peter Pan photo so he was telling anecdotes from that film. Love how much he gives to his fans, I wish I could meet him again!!
  5. He did make it to the photoshoot and then he stuck around for a bit afterwards to finish some signing. Stayed until Security started scowling at us. Such a nice guy! (Also actually super dreamy in real life!)
  6. Just a reminder to anyone heading to Olympia to collect passes tomorrow that the heat is disrupting train services into London all day so check your journeys and please don't forget to bring lots of water!! Hydration!!
  7. Thanks for the warning! I just bought my Diamond Pass and I am so excited. Alex is the only guest my best friend is jealous of me about this year. Smug bragging is terrible but so much fun!!! 
  8. I have always regretted not starting my autograph collections on posters instead of individual 8x10s but now I am at the start of a collection for Good Omens and the thought of carrying the huge Good Omens TV Companion book to every Con from now on is exhausting... I am properly conflicted.
  9. So far I have pics with: Michael Shanks, David Morrissey, GinaTorres (DP), Jason Isaacs, Joe Flannigan, John Barrowman On my wishlist for photoshoots still are Alex Kingston, Manu Bennett, Tom Felton, Robert Patrick, Peter Serafinowicz but I haven't decided which days yet. ... And this doesn't begin to cover my autograph wishlist, this year's LFCC has so many great guests!
  10. This is my only Diamond Pass for 2019 so far but I have a great need to meet her! She is basically a goddess Now I just need to try not to babble at her... Calm, polite and worshipful is what I will be aiming for!
  11. She is so cool, I am definitely going to have to find time in my schedule for her! This is so exciting!
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