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  1. Sorry I forget to add the autograph I have an issue with is of Brent Spiner order number 17751893
  2. Thank you for replying. I would be happy to send you as much information that I can. I am not able to send PM to you. I get a pop up saying I can only send 0 messages a day. I would prefer not to put my details on a forum anyone can see. Can you send me a message and see if I can reply to it? Or maybe an email?
  3. Hi Jason. I contacted you a few times via email and once by Facebook, regarding one of my autographs not being signed in the correct colour as ordered, and it being smudged. Please can you get into contact with me, so we can sort this out. It has now been a month. I honestly do appreciate you are a busy man and it being a busy few weeks. But I really do need this sorted before I think about using this cool service again. - Any help from the moderators will be gratefully accepted!
  4. Hi. This is my 1st post and my 1st comic con I got a DP. Yay me. I have one for Ian McDiarmid (Saturday) and considering getting one for William shatter either the Friday or Sunday. Because this is my first con. So to speak. I want to be sure that I understood things correctly. I also have a medical condition. So I cant be sure how early I can get to the con. So I need a little guidance So lets say ETA roughly 11ish. From what I understand. Ian and William have AM and PM shoots. I am going to be OK with collecting my photoshoots and autographs. When I arrive. If not done so already. All I need to do is collect my DP's. keep an eye on the times of the photo shoot. Then join the que of that guest. If my batch number as already been called. No need to worry about missing my turn or collecting a VQ ticket. I can join the que - so long as I don't leave it silly late. Making sure I join the autograph que after/before guest photo shoots and breaks. Is this correct? Can I also ask. If I am able to get to the con. On Thursday to collect DP. What time are the desks open to. Or rather. What time are they likely to be. (I finish work at six) Thanks
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