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  1. Thanks for the feedback, suppose if guest keep moving it wouldn't be possible. I did look at the main map, and like said, I thought I'd been everywhere, but obviously hadn't lol. Hopefully should be better prepared next time, as this time didn't know about the getting a ticket and coming back till quite late on.
  2. Hi I was wondering if next year a map of where each guest is sitting on the day could be printed and available. This was my first comic com and it was huge!! I walked around repeatedly the signings and and got 5 or 6 of the people I wanted to meet. But it was only when I got home there were others I wanted to possibly meet and realised I didn't even see them! I still don't know how I missed where they were, so wondered if there was a bit I didn't see. People like William Shatner and the Inbetweener boys. Don't know where they were? So I just wondered when there is a layout plan, if a a4 printout of where they are all sitting could be available?? Even for a small fee, a couple of quid, as I know I'd of been able to make use of it. Just a thought from this fairly old newbie. Roll on the next one though :) Glyn
  3. Only did autographs for my first time. But Manu was such a lovely man, met him Sunday afternoon. Would definitely meet him again.
  4. Ah cool thanks, I know he has some comics he would love for some to sign. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Hi, This maybe a silly question, but this will be my first Showmasters con, and just wondered how the Comic Zone guests work. My stepson is very interested in meeting some of them, but with other guests it has a price so wondered, how this worked? Many thanks in advance.
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