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  1. Anyone from the Lucifer cast would be much appreciated
  2. Definitely Wil Wheaton but my girls and I would absolutely love to meet Jeremiah Birkett
  3. I got email notification of refund for alex yesterday so maybe they are just working their way through them all
  4. My children love seeing the pics but my parents and sister think I'm stupid for wasting money on it so I don't talk much about it. My sister and bil can be particularly disparaging about cosplay and conventions so i just don't bring it up. Makes me feel sad but at the same time everyone has things they like that I don't so I try not to get too bothered
  5. I wish id met Robert Picado and Brendan Fraser but otherwise happy with who we managed to see
  6. All the crew we interacted with were really good and helpful. My daughter took small bags of haribo with her to hand out to the crew to say thanks and she had a great time passing them out and got some lovely responses. We only managed to get one crew member name at the Matthew lillard photos on sunday, Dave was lovely and chatted with lauren and shared his sweets
  7. i admit defeat! Tried to upload via different sites but not happening https://photos.app.goo.gl/RBBDTUzsxCN8moKy6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/RYo2LB2tYZMZghYeA https://photos.app.goo.gl/tPt5T3c9xVKmYZxJ6
  8. Daughter and I had the best day on Sunday mainly because it was spent meeting Tom Ellis and Aimee Garcia repeatedly through the day. They were so good with my daughter and Tom was a star as he noticed my daughter desperately trying to ask a question during the talk but the girl doing the questions never looked at the centre front of the seats which left daughter in tears at the end of the talk. When we met him at the joint photo shoot he said he saw her and he answered her question then definitely feeling the blues now but we only got home at midnight last night due to loads of issues with our flight cant wait for next year
  9. We went to meet Matthew to get a photo signed for my youngest daughter who couldn't come and adores him as shaggy, he was absolutely lovely and gave my daughter a free autograph for caring about her little sister, then the next day he gave her a huge hug when she gave him some sweets I was really impressed when I heard him at his talk and I respect him even more now
  10. My daughter and I went to Lfcc for the first time and we had extra help for my daughter as she suffers a lot with leg pain due to hyper mobility syndrome and her knees give way when standing. Overall we had mostly good experience from the crew though we did meet a few who were really dismissive and unhelpful to my daughter because she is young and looked fine, they didn't see her tears and pain every day nor that she was dosed to the eyeballs with painkillers to make it through the day. We took our own little foldable stool and that made her time much easier to cope when waiting as much as there was problems with general members of the public being rude to people with orange bands (we had several nasty comments said ‘quietly’ behind us about extra help people), we also had a problem with some of the other extra help people being downright rude themselves and shoving my daughter and others to the side so they could be first and being really nasty to crew if they weren't put to the front My daughter did have an amazing time though thanks to the pass as we definitely wouldn't have managed without it.
  11. Laurie is going dressed as Mazikeen. Aimee took a video with her today to put on twitter told us to come see her tomorrow and she will do a vid to share with Lesley-Ann :) my daughter took great pleasure in handing out small haribo bags to the crew and people she thought needed it to say thanks for their hard work and she got such lovely reactions
  12. Had an absolutely fantastic day with my daughter experiencing our first con and as difficult as it was navigating through the crowds and the pain my daughter is in now with her legs, We would really like to come back again! Loved the atmosphere, loved meeting the celebs especially Aimee Garcia, Matthew Lillard and Rob Morgan who were so lovely to my daughter Matthew Lillard even gave my daughter a free autograph after she went up specially to get one for her little sister (who stayed home with grandparents) as she adores him as shaggy. I loved hearing Matthew Lillard at his talk and I really respect him both as an actor and a person cant wait for tomorrow to finally meet Tom Ellis (though he did brush past us in the photo area and we were so pleased to have seen him ). Also meeting John Barrowman and having photo with Matthew Lillard :)
  13. It is a very addictive show nearly everyone I know who has watched it has loved it welcome to the lucifam
  14. Because he is gorgeous and from what Ive heard, a really nice guy to meet
  15. Oh my poor bank balance Got Sunday dp for us both (after accidentally ordering saturday photos in my excitement ) so we will see Alex on Saturday and Sunday thats definitely our last guest to buy!
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