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    Thank you!
  2. Loulou116

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    Hey just a quick question, how many people are in a batch for the photo ops?
  3. Loulou116

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    Love these tips especially the snacks& taking the folder for everything that's such a good idea thank you so much, I hope I have a good time too& you if are going aha :)
  4. Loulou116

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    This is super helpful! Never thought about taking snacks or the folder that's such a good idea thank you, I'm nervous but super excited for it now cannot wait:)
  5. Loulou116

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    Have heard amazing things! :) I know Ian cancelled last year so hoping he comes this year, although I did cancel way before last time& it was because of filming
  6. Loulou116

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    That's fab thank you so much for your help! Nervous but super excited for it now, cannot wait :)
  7. Loulou116

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    This is so helpful thank you! When I booked it I was batch 13 out of 16 so I'm guessing I'll be waiting quite a while? Am I able to walk around nearer the time or? :)
  8. Loulou116

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    Hello yes this is very helpful! Thank you so much I'm super excited to meet Ian, I'm also super nervous, I often go to meet one of my favourite bands as they do meet& greets so I kind of know what to expect but this is so much more different, can't wait for it now :)
  9. Loulou116

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    Hi everyone I'm new to comic con, never been to anything like this before, my partner has always had interest& wanted to go so this year I decided we should, we are only going for the Saturday plus I'm only really going because Ian Somerhalder is meant to be there aha but was looking for some answers to any question if possible - if I've brought a photo op does that mean the photo is 100% guaranteed as long as the person is there& I arrive at the right place at the right time? - Is it worth getting a diamond photo op? - how do the photo ops work? - what does batch mean? - hows everyones experiences of photo ops?