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  1. I'm in Austria and got mine as well! Much appreciated!!
  2. The Brendan Fraser 'My Archeology Kit' will be used as a makeup case - to find the mummy underneath! The gifts were really great and I'll look forward to Winter to wear my Batman Forever beanie :)
  3. Tara Fitzgerald and Julian Glover. Both photo ops were too late for me on Sunday and their queues were packed whenever I went past in the morning so I decided to forgo more queueing. My feet thanked me.
  4. I had a pretty good experience with the Gold Pass. Loved the waiting in the main stage area part. What I think needs addressing is, please do educate blue shirts a little more. Had a few troubles when joining queues of non-diamond guests, was asked for my VQ, showed my wristband and got big eyes and "I don't know what that means." At the photo shoots it worked pretty well. Pit Bosses were awesome. I would take a Gold Pass again!
  5. I went by Lee Majors about five and he seemed so lonely I spontaneously got an autograph :) No one queueing
  6. Lovely first day and first Con :) Everyone from staff and crew was really helpful and cheery and although it was really hot I was prepared with my mini fans! Feet hurt a little but nothing that a good nights sleep won't fix. My only real issue was when I headed to the Jason Momoa standard shoot with my Diamond Pass and asked a crew lady about what to do since it clashed with AA on the Iron Throne. She told me I'll be fine going to Jason first since I had a DP and that it was going to be very quick. 10 mins before the end of the Iron Throne shoot Jason's queue started moving but I abandoned it with a heavy heart and a not-fully-clipped DP. Couldn't miss Alfie though. Manu Bennett's shoot being so late didn't fit into my schedule anymore, sales desk crew were amazing and refunded ❤️ All in all I'm crying for my Jason Photo Op but still had a fantastic day!
  7. Just read a post on facebook from someone who's worried guests will cancel bc it's too hot. Is that a thing?? O.O
  8. I'll keep it in mind should Jason disappoint me :)
  9. I have the same thing with my husband as CookieS - so you think going up to Jason and saying, let's make hubby jealous, might result in a fun photo? :)
  10. Thanks :) That makes sense. I suppose any native English speaker knows such stuff. So much to learn!!
  11. Outing myself as other newb again - but what is 'portrait'?
  12. I mean indeed the people working the tickets online :)
  13. Showmasters are fabulous with upgrades and general ticket help. Are they at the con? Can I bring them cookies?
  14. Only 5 more sleeps and my preparations are done - I think. I have - comfortable shoes - refreshing wipes and deo - snack energy bars - refillable water bottle - floor plan and schedule saved on phone in case of no wifi - cash with lots of fivers - all tickets printed - acid-free folder for photos and autographs - mini portable ventilator - sturdy but not too big backpack - power bank Is there anything else I'm missing? I'm absolutely terrified of my first con and I'm going alone and I CAN'T WAIT anymore ^^'
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