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  1. Excellent! Thanks to all three of you for coming up with the name, and I now remember seeing it on all the signs around their stand. Thanks also to Showmasters for putting on an excellent event and it's one we will be repeating next year but possibly in a different month.
  2. Hi everyone, The dust has finally settled after a great day on Sunday. It was our first Showmasters Comic-Con and apart from the odd gripe it was a brilliant event. The Cosplay participants were a real highlight and worthy of the ticket themselves. Back at home, my kids are trying to track down a particular vendor who was present. They sold photos of TV and film actors as well as the movies and shows themselves. They had a very large pitch towards the back of the hall. Their selling tagline was £3 each or 4 for £10 if that helps to jog any memories. Can anyone help? Many thanks, Paul
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