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  1. Great guest. Be awesome to get Christopher Lloyd for a Addams family reunion.
  2. I brought the programme too and when asked about the prizes no staff knew anything about it. False advertising much? To top it off giving them out free on the Sunday after me and others paid for them.
  3. Chris is doing a signing in a America so it's possible.
  4. Would love to meet him gutted I didn't get the chance when he was over last time.
  5. Just a quick question I haven't used the store in so long I can't remember if it accepts debit cards or is it just credit cards? Thanks.
  6. Ok first time I posted in a LONG time. Nice guest looks like I will be coming.
  7. YAY!!! I do love my Jewel. Keep the Firefly guests coming. <3
  8. Nice guest SM this is a pretty good line up with the potential to be a epic one. Keep them coming!!!
  9. Awesome. Would love Jessica there together it's all about Jessica/Hoyt.
  10. selby

    Carrie Preston

    She would be awesome.
  11. When he was first announced i'm sure I saw it mentioned him signing now I can't see it. Is he gunna be doing a signing or not?
  12. Wow I may go to this I love her. Yeah she was main in moonlight.
  13. Awesome guest met her twice but lets make that a third time now. :)
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