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  1. martin clunes martin jarvis Sigourney weaver groovy
  2. just remain optimistic grrrrooovy dudes!! hopefully everything will pan out by the end of May/early June.
  3. stacy haiduk (young and the restless, prison break, ncis) andrew jackson (charmed, dark matter, rogue) paul kersey (hulk, diagnosis murder, new adventures of superman) Shannon sturges (swat, cold case. the mentalist) Geoffrey blake (the last starfighter, legends of tomorrow, grimm) keith brunsmann (new adventures of superman) michael reilly burke (mars attacks, supergirl, suits) Jason carter (Babylon 5, roots) scott macdonald (jarhead, jack frost, star trek) morgan weisser (quantum leap, the x files) matt battaglia (thor, twin peaks, Hawaii five-o) Gregory scott cummins (bosch) alastair Duncan (middle-earth, batman) Bethany joy lenz (colony, grey's anatomy, one tree hill) scott mosenson (psych, black-ish, rosewood, bones) ron Perlman (hand of god, hellboy, beauty and the beast) Anthony starke (licence to kill, MacGyver, hand of god) steve valentine (spiderma, supergirl, rosewood) kevin weisman (alias, clerks, scorpion) rainn Wilson (the office, juno, star trek) andrew james allen (the lovely bones, bones, swat, the magicians) Melinda clarke (the vampire diaries, the o.c, gotham) sean Patrick flanery (the boondock saints, saw) molly hagan (izombie, the orville) costas mandylor (saw, the last ship, ncis) any of these would b grrrrroooooooooooooooooooovy!
  4. british-based actors r probs a good shout to b getting in this time, let's think now... pavel douglas (robin of Sherwood, goldeneye) alun Armstrong (krull, the mummy) vanessa redgrave (letters to Juliet, call the midwife) Brenda blethyn (vera) peter burroughs (star wars, flash Gordon)
  5. let's keep spiritual, spiritual, hope ur holding out all my grrroooooovy friends.... without further Ado amigos: john cho (Harold and Kumar, star trek) markus Flanagan (agents of shield, friends) brad greenquist (the lone ranger, water for elephants) Danielle harris (Halloween) victor browne (lost) pat skipper (the x files, Halloween) clayton rohner (Ozark, the x files) Reynaldo rosales (house, smallville) Audrey Wasilewski (rep, star trek, criminal minds) Charlie weber (how to get away with murder, buffy) tobin bell (saw) wolfgang bodison (code black, bones, agents of shield) dominic fumusa (bones, the purge, goliath) john rubinstein (new adventures of superman) bug hall (harley and the Davidsons, revolution) brooke nevin (swat, lethal weapon, scorpion) patricia harty (quantum leap, nypd blue) eric matheny (ncis, buffy) michael phillip (stargate) matt schulze (fast and the furious, blade) billy wirth (scorpion, Chicago pd) misha Collins (supernatural, timeless) Robert gossett (batman, Greenleaf, Chicago med) grrrroooooovily please...?
  6. Disney people (ie black cauldron, Hercules)! groovy
  7. tom yi (the purge, ghostbusters) lynn tufeld (Frasier, adventures of superman) colin mcclean (the expanse, salvation) j michael Flynn (star trek, MacGyver, charmed) Stefan marks (dragon age, justified) sean moran (the devil's rejects, grease) david figlioli (murder in the first) Jordan murphy (jag, csi Miami) Charles c Stevenson jr (men in black) tina morasco (angel, castle) tommy Redmond hicks (terminator sarah connor chronicles, charmed) simon brooke (firefly, charmed) dennis keiffer (fast and furious, iron man, the equalizer, john wick) darin cooper (gone girl, MacGyver, shooter) laura Kelly (Indiana jones, revenge) jossie thacker (west wing, Chicago p.d, empire) lorin mccraley (true blood, castle) dean cudworth (scorpion, ncis, code black) michael maize (national treasure, gotham, mr robot) vanessa vander pluym (the librarians, john wick) james wellington (nypd blue, las vegas) marisa lauren (superhero movie, 90210, jag) hari Dhillon (cradle 2 the grave, charmed) keith mackechnie (national lampoon, izombie) joe O'Connor (the green hornet, friends) david mattey (hancock, colony) Thomas dupont (pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana jones) Cassandra mccormick (captain America) lori rom (resident evil, charmed) chris boyd (2012, battlestar galactica, supernatural, charmed) grrrrrooovily please...?
  8. as ming-na wen's there, more Disney's Mulan cast would b grrrrrrrooooovyy others i'd like to c (voice actor wise): jungle book the aristocats the black cauldron hercules fox and the hound beauty and the beast
  9. He has confirmed he did buy it when it was saying Aaron Paul DP at the bottom, he's wondering if this should carry over as Batch 1 for his Robbie DP?
  10. ahhhh now that's just GRRRRRRRROOOOOvy! and I think my friends just bought his dp-not that would affect it will it?
  11. norman reedus (the walking dead, boondock saints, blade) ann cusack (stigmata, grimm, castle, fargo) michael mcclafferty (crank, days of our lives) Nancy O'Dell (scream, Nashville, 90210) susan Santiago (fast and furious, how to get away with murder) john rosenfeld (ncis, prison break, bruce almighty) allen cutler (justified, cold case, charmed) yancey arias (die hard, bosch) colleen porch (transformers, starship troopers) kent faulcon (ncis, blackish) Mykel Shannon Jenkins (undisputed, double jeopardy) Jamison yang (transformers, Godzilla) don brunner (the blob, charmed, ncis) graham shiels (guardians of the galaxy, arrow) Judson scott (blade, v, the x files, star trek) eyal podell (code black, ncis, criminal minds) troy blendell (buffy, lucifer) rick cramer (die hard, transformers) jeff henry (power rangers) glenn morshower (the resident, bloodline, transformers, 24) grroovvily pls...?
  12. I tink some 'outside-the-box' ideas r needed here. gladiartors anyone?
  13. there's a lot of gggrroovy ideas going around, so I would like to suggest; from Hocus Pocus: thora birch, bette midler, Kathy najimy, sarah Jessica parker neverending story: barret oliver, noah Hathaway, tami stronach Aladdin (1992): linda larkin, scott weinger, gilbert Gottfried, jonathan freeman, frank welker Hercules (1997): tate Donovan, danny DeVito, james woods, susan egan, bobcat goldwhwaite, roger bart beauty and the beast (1991): paige o'hara, robby benson, Bradley pierce, brian cummings lion king (1994): james earl jones, whoopi Goldberg, jonathan taylor Thomas, rowan Atkinson , matthew Broderick, Jeremy irons, jim cummings ghostbusters: rick moranis, Sigourney weaver, bill murray, dan aykroyd music/ musical legends: idina Menzel, Elton john, john partridge, Kerry ellis, tom jones, elaine paige
  14. is anyone having trouble buying photoshoots? i'm asking on behalf on someone who's been trying to buy a Samantha Morton photo but it isn't giving him the full ticket info so he can select which batch he wants. its possibly a system error
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