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  1. He went beyond my expectations. Such a lovely guy. Steven has been booked. Can’t wait!
  2. You’ve got me in a cold sweat remembering the chaos last year totally worth it though!!
  3. I've been praying for this announcement as well!
  4. Joe Manganiello Michael Raymond James Lana Parilla - missed out in July :-( Jason Momoa The Undertaker Billy Gunn Penn Badgley Paul Rudd Ian Somerholder Paul Wesley Jonathan Groff Mark-Paul Gosselaar
  5. Jonathan Groff from Mindhunter would be amazing
  6. The best Game of Thrones character - IMO (!)
  7. Joe Manganiello Jason Momoa (will never get bored of him!) Matt Le Blanc
  8. Would love to see him at London Film and Comic Con next year
  9. The John Barrowman photos are epic - gutted I missed out on him now!
  10. Yeah I found him a bit meh at the auto table. He did look up and smiled when I said happy birthday for Thursday to him but don’t actually think I got any actual words! But it was day 3 he was probably knackered!
  11. Ian was a dream wasn’t he! So generous with his time and really made an effort with everyone. Excellent guest!
  12. Hi - I’m getting to Olympia for about 7:45am tomorrow will the main office be open to collect my diamond pass?
  13. Have a great day everyone! I’m so excited for tomorrow!
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