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  1. Mark Boone Jnr for me was amazing. Spent about 15 mins with him at the start chatting about everything SOA. I saw him around the venue about two or three times and he remembered my name each time and again at the photo. Went to say goodbye to him and got chatting again for 10 mins or so. Lovely guy. Kim Coates - EPIC Tommy Flanagan - Lovely but I was so starstruck by him that I just couldn’t think of anything to say! Came across shyer than I thought one on one. Still a dream to meet though! Staz Nair - ran over the say hi as we share the same birthday. He was lovely, very friendly and super chatty Robert Patrick - gave me some of his haribo’s (!) and just seemed to want to talk to everyone. Surreal moment but such a nice guy! My favourite con so far hands down.
  2. I messaged Showmasters on Facebook last week as mine say the same. They said it won’t be a problem and tickets will still work.
  3. If you email the shop they should be able to help you out. They are very busy atm so expect a wait for a response
  4. Hope everyone has a great time today! I’m so excited for Sunday. Feel this has been a long time coming!
  5. Fingers crossed for you too for Bonnie! Same. I’ve heard nothing but good things for all the Sons of Anarchy guys. Can’t wait for this weekend!
  6. I hope so! He’s been on my list for a while!
  7. Ryan Hurst is on the schedule - no tickets have been released and he’s not been officially announced but have my prayers been answered?!
  8. I’m lucky I’m fairly local to London but I’m feeling for the people who have to book travel, hotels etc. Let’s hope there is some news in the next day or so
  9. Ryan Hurst Theo Rossi Charlie Hunnam Dan Levy Catherine O’Hara Jason Momoa (need an updated pic!)
  10. As we’ve got a couple of Sons of Anarchy guys can we add Theo Rossi and Ryan Hurst?!
  11. This a random one but Damien Sandow from WWE would be amazing! Always was one of my faves!
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