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  1. A generally good day with only one exception. Christopher Eccleston was a real gent and so was Ian McDiarmid. However Jenna Coleman didn't interact much and even worse stopped personalising autographs after a while, even for diamond pass holders which was pretty rubbish. I've never had this issue with any other guest and it bears poor comparison with people like McDiarmid who not only personalise but are happy to write quotes!
  2. NOT HAPPY today. Joined the queue as a diamond pass holder about 5pm and was told that Jenna would no longer be personalising autographs. I don't think this is really acceptable for diamond pass holders as I could just as easily have bought a photo shoot only and then one of the many, many non-personalised autographs in the stores downstairs. I do appreciate that no 'rules' have been broken here, as the diamond pass guarantees an 'in-person autograph which is not necessarily a personalised autograph but I'm still not happy with this situation and frankly considered the pass to be a waste of money in that respect.
  3. He was a really nice guy, every year I find my best experiences are with guests I least expect, not because I assume that they're going to be unpleasant but simply because I look forward to meeting some more than others. Whilst I was keen to meet Sam Oatley, he's obviously not on parr with my excitement about Christopher Eccleston for example, but having said that I had a chat with him for about 5 mins and it was really nice, probably more than I'll spend with any other guest. Tom Atkins was similar to this last year.
  4. A great first day, 9 autos and 4 photos. Matthew Lillard is a real scream (pun intended) chatting for ages with everyone in his queue and having a blast in his photo shoot, CJ Graham kept pulling my arm when I shook his hand, not sure why, think he was being friendly, he was a nice guy and a great Jason Voorhees so I can forgive him, David Naughton was pleasant to meet but had a nice surprise to discover Bib Fortuna also played the tube guy in An American Werewolf in London and he even wrote THAT QUOTE on his autograph for me. Meeting the kids from Village of the Damned was a real coup too. The only disappointment was how frail Barbara Shelley looked and I was not overly surprised when her photo shoot was cancelled.
  5. Not quite sure what to make of today. I met Barbara Shelley two years ago and she was very frail then so it came as a surprise to me to find her agreeing to this event. My fears were well-founded, she was confined to a wheelchair, had a massive plaster over her forehead and frankly looked as though she really should not have been there. The guys with her assured us that she'd come at her own insistence to meet fans for the last time however she had to be talked through each and every signature, clearly this was difficult enough for her, so it came as no surprise to find her photo shoot had to be cancelled and she disappeared early. Sad to witness and more thought ought to have been put into whether she was really well enough to do this event as she clearly wasn't.
  6. Just noticed that my photo shoot with Mark Strickson on Sat is scheduled for 10.30. However I've only got a standard entry ticket which means I'm not allowed in until 11am! I'm not being stupid here I bought both tickets several weeks ago before the shoot schedule was published. Do I have to miss out or upgrade?
  7. Be nice if they could get Jenny Hanley who sometimes does these, for a joint Scars of Dracula photoshoot?
  8. Wonder if I'll actually get to meet him this time, tried at both the London and Birmingham ones but the queues are ridiculous for Robert there.
  9. Be great if they got Fraser Hines too, with an opportunity for a joint photoshoot
  10. Sadly, Lalla's appearance pretty much guarantees Tom Baker won't be doing this one, they do not make appearances together.
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