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  1. Thank you, you have given me a lot of nice suggestions and all your autos look great.
  2. Hi I have wanted to upgrade how I storage my 8x10 autographs for a while, I think they are ok in my current folder but I would like something more high end. How do does everyone else storage there autographs and do you happen to have any pictures, i've seen comments before of how some people storage there's but pictures with links of what you use would help me greatly. Thanks.
  3. New Shows Vikings S5, Punisher S2, Star Trek Discovery S2, The Umbrella Academy S1, Still Game S9, Walking Dead S9, AfterLife S1, Superstore S4, Love Death & Robots S1, The OA S2, Scot Squad S5, One-Punch Man S2, Game of Thrones S8, Attack on Titan S3, What We Do in the Shadows S1, Agents of Shield S6, When They See Us, Black Mirror S5, Designated Survivor S3, Jessica Jones S3, Stranger Things S3, Dr Stone S1, Another Life S1 and The Boys S1. Standouts: The OA, Attack on Titan and The Boys. Older Shows One Piece, Black Clover, Mayans MC S1, Yu Yu Hakusho, Supernatura
  4. Oh ok silly me, are the v strips also on the site or do you just get them from amazon or something
  5. Cheers man they look great, would it work without the V strips don't know if i want to stick anything on the back of the pictures
  6. You got any pictures of what they look like in it mayhem
  7. Cheers man you got any photos of how they look if not its cool
  8. I'm on the website right now, do you happen to know specific type also what sleeves and binder/box do you use?
  9. what are the backing boards you use brand, size etc?
  10. Hi I have my 8 x 10 autographs in black pockets (Arrowfile - RA9790B) in a four ring binder with a slipcase also from arrowfile and was wondering if this is enough to protect them or if i should get some sort of backing boards behind each autograph? I'm also just curious how other people store/display their autographs any advise or even photos would be greatly appreciated.
  11. What do you guys use to store/protect the autographs you get during the convention so they don't get damaged before you get home?
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