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  1. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Latest Guest Announcement - KATY MANNING

    Thank the lord for that. Was devastated to discover she couldn’t make it, and even more to have to tell Ingrid Oliver who had spent the morning looking for her. So great to know she’s coming back. With plenty more DWcast to keep her company!!
  2. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Latest Guest Announcement - SOPHIE ALDRED

    Yes! Missed her at an event and was gutted so great to be meeting her next year!
  3. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Latest Guest Announcement - SARAH SUTTON

    Yay! Loving these doctor who guests! Can’t wait to get my season 19 set signed!
  4. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Guest suggestions for next year

    Derek Jacobi, Derek Jacobi, DEREK JACOBI. Also Geoffrey Beevers and Eric Roberts plz x
  5. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Guest Suggestions

    David tennant and Tom Baker P L E A S E. Since I didn’t make it last year that would be a dream come true aswell as that Christopher ecclestone paul macgann Peter Capaldi Jodie Whittaker David Bradley Peetr Davison William Russel John Barrowman Matt smith Billie Piper Frazer Hines OK SCREW IT BASICALLY AS MANY DOCTOR WHO GUESTS AS IS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE (please)
  6. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Guest suggestions for next year

    All of these people do conventions around the uk all year and I’m sure would not be too difficult to get. Peter Davison Paul McGann David Bradley Norman Lovett Chris Barrie Janet fielding John Leeson Sarah Sutton Wendy Padbury Frazer Hines anneke wills Peter Purves Carole Ann Ford A long list I know but I’m sure that any of these guests would be very much appreciated by me and many more. Thanks
  7. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Guest Suggestions

    It’s a shame, But to even get him for a few hours at any event like they did in London con and film fair I wouldn’t hesitate to go. I do have a personalised autograph from toms website but really I just want a photo
  8. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Guest Suggestions

    Please, Please, Please try and get Tom Baker Sm. The one man I am desperate to meet!
  9. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    2019 lfcc guest suggestions......

    David & Georgia Tennant AS MANY DOCTORS AS IS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE Billie piper William Russel Tom Baker Jodie Whitaker Carole Ann Ford John Barrowman Eve Myles
  10. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Doctor ranking

    I love each and every doctor and don’t think there has been a single actor that was anything less than perfect. Each doctor is great for their own reasons. However this is just the ones I enjoy watching the most ( keep in mind that even my number 13 choice is still 10/10) 1)Patrick Troughton 2)David Tennant 3)Jon Pertwee 4)Tom Baker 5)Paul McGann 6)Sylvester McCoy 7)Colin Baker 8)Christopher Ecclestone 9)Peter Capaldi 10)Matt Smith 11)William Hartnell 12)Peter Davison 13)John Hurt
  11. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Latest Guest Announcement - Colin Baker

    I know right! I was sat literally right intro to of him when he fell and I was so scared. But none the less he got up and kept going, not bad for a man of his age.
  12. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Latest Guest Announcement - KATY MANNING

  13. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    What did you get signed?

    Seeing this thread just makes me even more sad that I couldn’t attend this year
  14. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Guest Suggestions

    Literally anyone from Torchwood please
  15. theDoctorIsInTheCon

    Glasgow 2018 Talk and Photo Schedule

    Yeah right? I would’ve preferred to have a group DW talk with Colin, Katy, Michelle, Jimmy and Ingrid (plus any guests still to be announced) But maybe that’s too much too ask for. Anyway I’m sure SM have there reasons and as it is there’s plenty on Saturday to keep everyone happy