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  1. He was amazing. I walked in to the shoot like a deer in headlights (I had never done this type of events). I gave him an awkward hug like an automaton which he kindly accepted. He then told me how to pose because he probably saw me overwhelmed and confused. I appreciated that he just took control and helped me out in such a nice manner. Later at autographs, we chatted for a bit and I just think that he is the sweetest man. An unforgettable experience.
  2. I just saw this!! I was traveling the whole day (plane) and omg, I can’t believe I missed buying tickets for this!!!:(((((((
  3. Question: I want to get a couple of autographs for myself and my son who couldn’t make it to the event. If my other son and I get vq tickets, can I use his vq ticket without him being in the line with me ( he wants to look around and is not interested in the guests my other son is interested in)? Or does he have to be a good bro and be in the line with me while I get both autos?
  4. Got mine! Omg, this is so awesome! I love all of them. Too bad, Chris didn’t join this shoot. Or Paul. Or Colin. A mega Doctor shoot! But I am honestly so excited for this one.
  5. @Broo, thank you and that is great news! :)
  6. I am sure that this has been answered but I couldn’t find it. My son and I have Sunday batch 3 photo op with Matt Smith/TARDIS and then my son has batch 7 photo with Jason Momoa. If my son misses the Batch 7 call for Jason because he is still at the Matt photo op can he still get a photo with Jason or will he have to choose and possibly miss one or the other?
  7. Please let it be David T. I have been saving my money for one last guest.
  8. Yes!!!!! It would be great if he would also do photos. I would buy instantly.
  9. Thanks for the reply @Raylenth. Can he get in to the talk with his Diamond pass even if the talk has started? He was looking forward to that. And on the day, we will pick a meet up spot if we get separated. We are looking forward to the event and it will be his first trip to London!
  10. Question: my son and I both have Peter Capaldi Diamond passes and we’re both planning on going to his talk. Unfortunately, I see on the schedule that it clashes with his photo op with Isaac Hempstead-Wright. Can I save him a seat so he can join me later when he has finished taking his photo? Also, we are traveling from abroad and we may have trouble with the cell phone reception at the venue. I am afraid of how difficult it will be if we get separated. Can I accompany him to his other photo ops and stand on the side or do I plan ahead to meet him at some pre-established point? Thank you.
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