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  1. so.... definitely guests from the MCU please! <3 but my dream will always be Sebastian Stan <3 I would get poor if he came to LFCC xD but other than that I would love to meet: Natalie Dormer Adam Croasdell Charlie Cox Jon Bernthal Gemma Arterton Dominic Cooper and yeah I can't think of anyone else, I wouldn't mind Zachary Levi coming back <3
  2. Oh nice! and it is after the photos I have planned. Does anyone know if you have to queue for the free panels as well if there are so many people?
  3. phew his photo is only at 12:10 on Saturday so I can still come a little bit later and not wait for hours in the queue xD
  4. As much as I would LOVE this I don't think so she is preeetty much pregnant
  5. so so so happy about this! absolutely love Chuck and got my photo right away - Batch 1 on Saturday <3
  6. omg I love her <3 that would be a dream come true
  7. I wouldn't mind a Sebastian from MCU oh wait, there is only one
  8. first post here and I use it wisely Sebastian Stan (praaaaying so much for him) Adam Croasdell (Reign, Once Upon a Time, Preacher, voice of Ignis from FFXV) thats it xD for now
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