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  1. Apparently the team are dealing with a higher than normal number of emails at the moment. Thing is, if they’d just do as I ask and send me a list of the tickets in my name that are still valid on their system, I’d stop sending them weekly emails on the topic and just go and figure out which ones I need to re-buy.
  2. What a mess. Totally agree with you - it’s understandable they’d switch to vouchers instead of refunds in the current climate but frustrating that they’re limited to only certain Showmasters events. I had no idea DST wasn’t fully SM either.
  3. The vouchers do have the value on them. But when the value doesn’t match the total you’ve spent (so it can’t be that everything has been cancelled) nor does it match the value of a cancelled guest, it’s a bit tough to figure out what’s happened!
  4. Thanks Groovy GrooveThing! No joy there either really. I’ve not asked for any refunds. Two of my guests have cancelled but they don’t total anywhere near the value I’ve been given in vouchers (and one of them is gone for March 2022 so I believe they should have rolled over anyway - only Alan Ruck should have generated a voucher). No email from them about a lack of entry ticket, so I guess that’s promising and suggests I can at least get in. At this stage I’m half tempted just to show up and use the tickets I have. I’m concerned I’ll keep having issues at the front of queues being told the tickets are void, which will slow up the queue behind me, but until SM tell me which are void I’m a bit of a loss
  5. Hey Raylenth - thanks! It’s a good idea, unfortunately ALL my tickets are still in the Eventbrite app, including the two guests who’ve cancelled. So I can’t trust that for certain either.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know how I can clarify what any refund vouchers relate to? Here’s what’s happened: - I booked tickets for the summer dates including a lot of photo ops - I got messages advising that the tickets would automatically roll over to the new November dates - Two of my guests cancelled - I then received vouchers amounting to far more than the two guests would have come to So I’m not clear if my tickets have been accidentally cancelled and I need to rebook them, or if Showmasters have accidentally been very generous and given me extra vouchers. I’ve been going back and forth with the sales@ email address for weeks now and just getting the same template responses that these relate to tickets I requested be cancelled. I get that mistakes happen and I’m more than happy to rebook anything that’s been accidentally cancelled, but I have no way of being certain what - if anything - has been. Anyone with similar experiences have any advice?
  7. This is really amazing work guys. Has shaped up to be your most stunning guest list yet. Well done! (and on a selfish note, after this weekend I’ve met every living Doctor - thanks SM!)
  8. Any idea of the photo shoot time? So so tempted but could do without creating another clash.
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