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  1. Star Wars The Mandalorian Guests (Wishful thinking) Gina Carano Pedro Pascal Omid Abtahi Carl Weathers Nick Nolte Giancarlo Esposito Werner Herzog Horatio Sanz Taika Waititi Julia Jones Emily Swallow
  2. Haven't had the chance to meet him at previous events so I'm looking forward to meeting him next year!
  3. Star Wars Voice Actors: Cameron Monaghan Daniel Roebuck Debra Wilson Scott Lawrence Elizabeth Grullon Dee Bradley Baker Misty Lee James Arnold Taylor Tom Kane Matthew Wood Sam Witwer Matt Sloan Matt Lanter
  4. Booked my tickets a few weeks ago, can't wait for July
  5. Andy De La Tour Ben Daniels Alistair Petrie Valene Kane Sam Witwer Matt Lanter Matthew Wood Ray Park Jerome Blake Jimmy Vee Oliver Ford Davies Stephen Stanton Julian Glover Rusty Goffe Bill Hargreaves Daniel Logan Lewis MacLeod Chris Parsons Hugh Quarshie Tim Rose
  6. Genevieve O'Reilly Mads Mikkelsen Jimmy Smits Alistair Petrie Guy Henry Warwick Davis Brian Herring Joonas Suotamo Jake Lunt Davies Dave Chapman Ahmed Best Alan Harris Alan Tudyk Andy Secombe Anthony Daniels Duncan Pow Derek Arnold Daniel Naprous Nick Kellington Ian McElhinney Erin Kellyman Aidan Cook Katy Kartwheel Paul Blake Temuera Morrison Michael Carter Dave Barclay Mike Quinn Tom Kane James Arnold Taylor Anyone else from Star Wars
  7. I know, it's crazy! I remember counting down the days when it was 200 away, can't believe it's in 2 weeks!
  8. Thanks for your guys help, I appreciate it a lot :)
  9. I applied for the "Extra Help" wristband and was wondering even if I had the right documents to show why I need the help from my parents on the day, is there still a possibility I could be turned down for it?
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