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  1. Jeremy is so lovely. He's always popular and has long queues each time I've seen him at events. I've just noticed that there's the opportunity of getting a photoshoot with Jeremy at LFCC in his Boba Fett costume on just the Sunday. Is there any chance he might also wear his costume on the Saturday as well? Or, is there any chance he could do this at the Birmingham event on the Sunday? I would love to get a photo with him in costume :0)
  2. Hi. This may sound like a daft question, but I've noticed cons have different ways of doing things.. For Showmasters' Birmingham Collectormania, do we have to pre-purchase photographs and autographs, or can we just queue up and buy them on the day? Thanks!
  3. Anyone else thinking about doing the 'family photoshoot' with Mads, Valene, Beau and Dolly? Not sure whether to do that or just the Mads single photoshoot..
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