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  1. Love it! Will he be signing "baby dick" Polaroids from Scary Movie?
  2. OK, someone please help me with this: Diamond pass is £120 & it gets you 1 autograph - worth £30 1 standard photoshoot - worth £30 1 place at talk - worth £10 1 limited print - worth £?? So that's a £50 difference in price for a print and a guaranteed autograph - am I missing something?
  3. Ahh, I'm so conflicted. It's my first time going to a Con of this size and am flying over from Northern Ireland just to attend. I really want to meet Christopher Lambert and would consider it a wasted trip if I didn't get to... I would buy the Diamond Pass but would prefer to do the green screen or cast group photo instead of the standard. What would I be best doing? I'll be there early on the Saturday so would be better doing the virtual queue for an autograph and book the photo shoot separately? Is the talk only for Diamond Pass and Gold Pass holders? Any and all advice gratefully accepted! Thanks, Michael.
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