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  1. You know they always say about don't meet your heroes as they won't live up to your expectations, Ian went above and beyond! He was everything I wanted him to be and more! It was only my second con, I booked last year to meet him then he cancelled and I was gutted, but Sunday made up for it. He was so friendly and chatty to everyone and as someone said above, it totally didn't feel like a conveyor belt (Tom Felton, I'm looking at you). I couldn't believe that he was in front of me and when it got to be my turn I got completely tongue-tied and couldn't speak!! After the photo and we still had our arms around each other he asked me if I was happy and I said that I was and I loved him and he thanked me for all the love! I nearly burst into tears walking to the talk, so amazing! Then after the talk, we saw him come out and he made a point of coming over to my son and fist-bumping him, we didn't even try to talk to him, thought he would just walk by!! Then when it came to the huge queue for the Auto, we were lucky and had batch 6 so we got seen quite quickly really! He was still so chatty then, even when the staff said no chit chat, there's no shutting him up!! Loads of yap on him!! I apologised for fangirling all over him previously and he said it's fine, took my hand and rubbed it and said that he loves it! After more fist bumps etc, we were on our way! I'm so glad I listened to everyone on here about getting a Diamond Pass cause without it I wouldn't have got to do the auto, so thank you everyone!! Ian is just a dream come true! I keep looking at the picture and can't believe that it's us two together!! Best day ever and such a lovely bloke!!!
  2. Cool, thank you! I'll have to pick up on the day. Will the queue be ridiculously long to pick them up? Thank you Raylenth, you are so helpful!! :)
  3. I suppose that makes sense, I may just make myself one for what i need!! Thanks
  4. HI, Me and my son have a Diamond Pass for Ian Somerhalder and Tom Felton. Where do we pick up the Diamond Pass from? Also, do we need to get VQ's if we have a Diamond Pass? TIA So Excited!!!!
  5. Will there be an excel version at all? I wanted to edit it so that i could just have the people who i'm seeing on there if that makes sense?
  6. Just one more quick question, does anyone know what the gift would be if you got the Diamond pass? TIA
  7. Thank you both! I'll just make sure i take more cash with me this time. I hadn't planned on getting Pauls auto so didn't take enough last time!! That makes complete sense now! Glad i'm sorted now and my son will be happy!!!
  8. Sorry i'm getting really confused, when i went last year i decided to get Paul Wesleys Auto so i had to queue downstairs to pay for it then back up to the queue to get it. Is that cause i was paying by card?
  9. Sorry i wrote that wrong, i meant queue up to pay for the auto then get the VQ ticket?
  10. So that will mean queuing to pay for the auto and then queuing to get it? I have a Diamond pass for Ian Somerhalder on the Sunday, what would be the best way to do it? Get there really early and queue for the auto first and then carry on with the day?
  11. My son wants to get his autograph, do i have to buy that on the day? TIA
  12. Yeah, well that's what I was thinking, last year I kept seeing posts on facebook saying that tickets for certain days were getting low. Chances are i'll get them after pay day.
  13. True, i will obviously buy the tickets, but just a bit closer to the time
  14. Ooh, thanks Wrong Name for i was thinking i'd have a lazy morning! I'll head there first thing! So far i've not bought my tickets to the show just in case Ian cancels again, has anyone else done this? I'm only going for Ian
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