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  1. Any one from batwoman. Any one from the bionic woman and wonder woman tv series. any girl super hero really. girl power!!
  2. Actors and actresses from Barry tv show Actors and actresses from low espookys tv show actors and actresses from broad city
  3. Abbi and ilana from broad city and actors and actresses from barry and los espookys Actors and actresses from gotham, stranger things and agents ofshield.
  4. Yes it be great if Bruce Campbell Ted raimi and Sam raimi all went
  5. I never got an extra help pass before and didn't know I could get one I thought I would be emailed tickets that you would have to show I was emailed the normal tickets sorry this is all new to me I have only been to one comic con before and I didn't even know about the extra help pass last time it was a few years ago and can't really remember everything as I have memory loss sorry to bother everyone with my questions
  6. i filled in a form for extra help but i didnt get an email confirming it what happens now
  7. what time should I start to queue to get inside.
  8. fitzsimmons and every one else from agents of shield :)
  9. all the people who cancelled this year should come if they can this time that is
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