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  1. Great guest! Will be really nice to meet her, so funny and charming in Wonder Woman.
  2. So perfect! Photo Op booked! Now we just need Alfie Allen and the "Duo Photo Op Of The Year" is already awarded.
  3. Great! Met Kristian Nairn last year at LFCC and now Isaac and Ellie. The trio will be complete.
  4. Going to discuss javelin with Mr. Furdik. Great guest! As a GoT fan I really look forward to meet him.
  5. Hayley Atwell, Jeremy Irons, Kate Beckinsale, Gemma Arterton, David Suchet, Vera Farmiga, Gal Gadot, Lily James, Sam Neill, Gillian Anderson, Bill Nighy, Jason O'Mara, Tony Robinson, Stephen Lang,
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