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  1. The updated photo schedule was presented on the wall at A and B today. So check it first thing in the morning.
  2. I surprised her, as we are from the same part of the woods we had a really nice chat in our language about this and that. Could have talked more but others were waiting.
  3. You did not want to join my Charles Dance Morris Dance Club so... no!
  4. I had a walk around Olympia this morning and unfortunally cant share any news on this matter
  5. Oh, remember that. Like getting into a suspect night club.
  6. Ooh.. Greenland. Heard somewhere it is getting warmer there.
  7. Actually, I cant remember if we had one last spring.
  8. Already camping! Pop over for dinner!
  9. In London now, about a mile from Olympia.
  10. Plus if you bring it..it will be sunshine.
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