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  1. His character in that episode is epic. A kick ass performance.
  2. DP booked.. now... Fantastic Beasts or Minority Report auto.. a month to think.
  3. Great guest! Nice to meet someone from my part of the woods.
  4. Some guests from ”Father Brown” would be so cool. Mark Williams Emer Kenny John Burton Jack Deam Sorcha Cusack Nancy Carroll
  5. Really look forward to meet her. Def auto! Pity no photo op as well, as I prefer them if there is a choice.
  6. Tsk tsk! Imagine if I put a gif with a half naked lady. Oh lordie lordie lordie!
  7. But @natedammit I really do suggest you talk to your doctor, alot of things can go wrong with wrong medicine or wrong combinations. I bet you will have good answer within minutes if you call, for your own health.
  8. My dad have high pressure and have to balance extra salt (and water) with pills. Too little salt isnt good either, as too much. Salt can act as a catalyst.
  9. I think you should listen to what your doctor say. Just some friendly advice.
  10. When you get a chance.. watch The Mandalorian. The first season is a killer.
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