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  1. 1010 years! Guests then? How about 9th or10th generation Capaldi? ... 512th Doctor?...
  2. I am sooo offended!? Us men are only objects to you. Imagine if it was the opposite.
  3. You had enough. A glass of warm milk will do.
  4. Susan Gibney Tim Russ Robert Beltran Scott Bakula Scarlett Pomers Linda Park
  5. Nope! He got laundry that weekend.
  6. Lets see if this will change my mind of coming. No one yet that have pushed me to start the summer comic con machinery. There are some interesting but not enough to fuel it.
  7. None so far. If so, it will come closer to the event. Just check back from time to time.
  8. Arthur Bostrom Vicki Michelle Francesca Gonshaw Kirsten Cooke Sue Hodge
  9. Thanks I will! Big birthday and all. Couldnt hardly get better
  10. Less than a month I will be back in London, for the first time since lfcc 2019. Plenty of things coming happening before lccs kicks off, really looking forward to it this year as there are so many I wanted to meet. All the other days I both know and dont know what will happen. But I have a very positive feeling about this trip.
  11. Vera Farmiga Patrick Wilson Bonnie Aarons Taissa Farmiga
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