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  1. You mean Sl..station.. There are so many words (names) you can suggest. Try surnames like "Pitt" or first names like "Pippa" and translate them From Swedish to English. On your own risk. The main shopping street in Sydney is Pitt Street, I had alot of fun with that translating for aussies. By the way.. the word "Sl.." can be used in different ways, and adding station to it is "family friendly" .. if you see it like that. There are rougher combination if you mix swedish and english.
  2. To you from me on Valentines Day
  3. If he had planned his laundry until the 24th maybe.. Not my fault.
  4. Think about that one... I give you one week.
  5. I can actually feel that pain in the neck.
  6. Dunno how you pole dance but I bet Nate and can do it with passion and flow.
  7. Showmasters could install a pole as prop (Blame it on ”Showgirls”) and we can have alot of fun.
  8. I think you would like it. It is the 26th time this year and many of my friends at work are going, either one or two days or all four. ALot of tents and caravans. GnR, Nightwish, Accept, Volbeat, Within Temptation and Social Distortion are a few of the headlines this year.
  9. Yes, it surprised me too when they showed up. And each year we have a huge festival here called Sweden Rock Festival, and when they are there they stay and sign merch and talk to fans etc. A music festival I think would be something for you, as you like Sabaton.
  10. Those guys are from a city something like 45 minutes drive from where I live. During summer they play surprise gigs here and there. Usually a few festivals with signing events. They have done the odd numbers of comic-cons. Falun .. a really nice city. Worth a visit.
  11. Two weeks to go, then I am off for LCCS. Got things planned for the days before, some things planned for me which I do not know, yet, what it is.
  12. I have cant order on the Eventbrite app, similar problem as it was, I think before lfcc 2019, and it is the iOS App. I can order on my Mac with Safari with no problems or iPad with Safari. So I dare to say it is an app problem.
  13. A caravan was blown off a bridge in Denmark. All trains and flights have been cancelled in southern part of my country. Two long bridges have been closed. Dunno if I will notice anything.
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