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  1. But @natedammit I really do suggest you talk to your doctor, alot of things can go wrong with wrong medicine or wrong combinations. I bet you will have good answer within minutes if you call, for your own health.
  2. My dad have high pressure and have to balance extra salt (and water) with pills. Too little salt isnt good either, as too much. Salt can act as a catalyst.
  3. I think you should listen to what your doctor say. Just some friendly advice.
  4. When you get a chance.. watch The Mandalorian. The first season is a killer.
  5. The Goonies 35: Kerri Green Sean Astin Jeff Cohen Martha Plimpton Ke Huy Quan Corey Feldman
  6. I wont be coming to lfcc this year. I will come to lccs and DSTL in November. But lccs will be special as I will (a few days late) celebrate my birthday with it. Well, at least make something good out of it.
  7. Mark Addy Rosamunda Pike Lea Thompson (Please!) Jane Leeves Peri Gilpin John Nettles
  8. Yes, got a weekend ticket. There are many one day guests, at least those I have booked. A few Sunday only but those are auto only. So far 7 photos for Saturday and only 3 for Sunday.
  9. More guests for Sunday, my Saturday is getting full with guests only doing Saturday.
  10. Good to see @natedammit taking care of countdown.
  11. With a new guest at 7pm for lfcc tonight one can wonder if there might show up a guest or two for lccs. Would not mind.
  12. Amy Allen Daisy Ridley (One can dream..) Lily James Domhnall Gleeson
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