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    Now..this is so cool!! imbd: "Weston Gavin is an American folk singer. At the age of three, Woody Guthrie visited his family in New York City. Eventually, he started his talent in playing the guitar when he was thirteen and was part of a revival in folk music. He has recorded and released plenty of albums, around 800 songs (initially as Jimmy Gavin) and has performed in clubs across the United States and Canada. Now, in addition to having an acting career, Gavin resides in London where he sometimes goes to local clubs there to play his music. He is married and has three daughters from a previous marriage." Def getting an auto!
  2. Hawaii 5-0, maybe an auto.
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    This makes me so happy! Photo booked! Def going for auto as well. Two of my fav shows, Rome and GoT. My final ”Sand”.
  4. It surprised me as you can see Well, if you can.. I can! SM: Please invite Natalie Dormer.
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    Hey @Broo I was told this passed weekend this is better.
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    Must have taken the wrong bus home.
  7. Game Of Thrones Vikings Please Please Please!
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    New 2020 Dates London Destination Star Trek.

    Still plenty of time so I hope the majority of the crew of Voyager can come for this 25th anniversary. We have a great start. I hope Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill will be there. Robert Beltran and Tim Russ. Scarlett Pomers and why not Virginia Madsen.
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    Thank you!! Oh, hard to say. They all were great. But if I must push for some I must mention Scott MacDonald. I had a overlap with another photo and had to rush to his. He greeted me with ”I have been waiting for you” as I was the only one left. Haha! And it had recently been his birthday so he offered me a piece of cake after photo. Had cake there for everyone who came to his photo op. Otherwise I was swept off my feet by Sonita Henry, Denise Crosby and Alice Eve. Three amazing ladies. Best manhug by Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating, for someone who is an ”Enterprise” fan that is a permanent memory.
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    As promised. A selection of my weekend at Destination Star Trek.
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    Selfie points

    You know the saying... "Eat like a Klingon ...sh** like a Klingon"
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    I can tell you a fun Henry Cavill story from the Destination Star Trek Con (!) this passed weekend. I met Alan Van Sprang, both of them were in The Tudors. And I had brought a photo from that show for Alan to sign. So we started to talk about the show, he is a talker and took time with everybody to talk. Super guy! I can really recommend you all to meet him. Anyway, he said he liked the way he (Alan) looked in the show, eye patch and all, almost like a pirate he said. And it was his firm belief he was the most sexiets guy on the show, better than Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Sam Neill and way better than "that so called Superman Henry Cavill", he must have had an inflatable body suit because he has no super body..I had to train for months..him..days.." "And my character was more interesting" He said that with a smirk. He said he loved being on that show and Henry was an awesome guy.
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    Back on home turf again. See you all at LCC Spring.
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    Shout out to the blue and red shirts

    All the crew was brilliant. The photographers was amazing, the handling of the queues for autos and photos as well. 5-star rating!
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    You simply dont walk up to Sean Bean at 5am while he is eating. (Saw him again at the flight towards Frankfurt)
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    Holy F...! Sean Bean at the airport. He is eating, not going to disturb him.
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