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  1. Arts & Craft, nothing beats a little rustic and worn.
  2. Not Comic-Con related..a few years back my bank blocked my card because they "thought" it was an unauthorized use of my card..I was in another city and about to buy a train ticket home. Lucky me I wasnt alone on the journey..but I told them one or two things over the phone. It was something I had bought that day. Since then it has not happened.
  3. Yes, I had a chat with her about 10-12 days ago and I just happen to say that I look forward to meet on the Sunday, then she corrected me and wrote she will be there on Saturday.
  4. Well, I have taken a ride in a DeLorean but never in a phone booth, simple as that.
  5. Hmm.. Think I prefer a DeLorean
  6. Hey SM! Please extend each day until 10pm so I can fit everything I want to do.
  7. I had a party with the guests today, lost some but new added. Vikings finally!!!!!
  8. He is about my hight..easy to remember. He is just a cm or so taller than me. The +6 feet tall club.
  9. Hopefully we will see a schedule soon. I need something to do over the weekend.
  10. Hey! Dont give a false hope not knowing if Meryl is coming.
  11. Be careful bringing a bear home..
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