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  1. I think I promise you that you wont. This is a local team doing what they like doing.
  2. No idea.. never been on one before.
  3. Not really like that.. Cameras..sound recordings etc etc..
  4. Talking about weird stuff.. I have been invited to a ghost hunting thingy the night between 28-29th, with tech equiptment and stuff, told them I will think about it. At a former priory that dates back to the 14th century. Well..,
  5. Not Yoda: Jawa eating jedi On Disney+ 2021
  6. It is Yodas distant cousine ”Trevor”. There! A spoiler!
  7. Watching The Mandalorian.. pretty good. Seen three episodes so far, saving the rest I have left until Christmas.
  8. You leave the forum ladies alone for a day and of course it gets dirty. Tsk tsk tsk
  9. Bored...on my way home an waiting for my train. Usually around this time I see things in everything, which I do now. This General Chat thread... why does it remind of a bad guy in a Chuck Norris Missing In Action movie? The nasty General Chat..
  10. Any ”Vikings” guest or Santa is only a big fat lie! PS: Vikings had beards long before Santa!
  11. What I understand..new guests this evening. Something on FB about it.
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