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  1. MarkIrmscher

    Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    Genuinely didn’t realise this Horror part of the forum normally post in the Glasgow thread massive horror fan myself been attending lots of the Horrorcon Conventions like Liverpool, Edinburgh, Birmingham etc but with the way the organisers are running it at the movement it’s not looking good with rumours of financial difficulties so hopefully Showmasters can capitilise in the market for Horror as the demand is there. I know I’m probably late to the party for suggestions this year but maybe looking ahead a Few guests I’d like to see would be more obscure and I haven’t really seen there names over this way yet would be. Roger L Jackson John Carpenter Skeet Ulrich James Jude Courtney Clive Barker Brad Dourif Jamie Kennedy Quinn Lord Dick Warlock Partricia Arquette Kane Hodder Nick Castle again considering he hasn’t been here for years lol & for what it’s worth probably never happen but I’d pay mega money for Kurt Russell
  2. MarkIrmscher

    Guest Suggestions

    Need some more Horror guests imo give us Nick Castle or Englund pretty please C’mon Showmasters
  3. MarkIrmscher

    Guest Suggestions

    Come on Glasgow where is Robert Englund at !! Hoping, Praying........
  4. MarkIrmscher

    Guest Suggestions

    The lack of horror this year was disappointing so here goes ! Robert Englund Nick Castle John Carpenter Heather Langenkamp Roger L. Jackson (voice of Ghostface in Scream) Clive Barker Doug Bradley Michael Dougherty Patricia Arquette