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  1. Just buy a tardis and put them inside, problem solved
  2. And now you've learned a new Norwegian word
  3. It's Bond! Now I'm going to run and hide!
  4. It's not the fart that kills, it's the smell And yes, there are two Norwegian words in that sentence
  5. You're going to get lots of fotoer at comic con
  6. He might be høflig while doing it, but that doesn't mean it's høflig to do it
  7. Now both threads are about Norwegian stuff My evil plan is working
  8. Speaking of Norwegian, apparently rumor has it that Tom Cruise will do some filming in Norway for the next Mission Impossible film
  9. You know I'm expecting this to happen every day now, right?
  10. To bear or not to bear, that is the question
  11. Not that one! That's the evil one!
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