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  1. Oh well, you get to join the super exclusive 'We're not going to LCC' club.
  2. Have you checked your Eventbrit account? They should be available there.
  3. Thanks everyone! You guys are the best!
  4. Oh! I just saw the date! SM is getting me a birthday present
  5. And down the rabbit hole she goes..
  6. Of course. It's not like we go to a store and buy them. One Pop just find it's way into your house and then more just magically appear. AND IT NEVER ENDS!! Which one from The Lost Boys? I got David on my wish list My favorite is the flocked version of Ghost from GoT
  7. Sounds like a lovely shelf It seem you've just learned that Pops multiply like bunnies And what Pop did your husband not get you?
  8. As a collector I would keep it, it is one of a kind after all And may we see some photos of this 'nerd shelf'?
  9. Yes! Buy it and join the club @Broo!!
  10. The Gentlemen was a good film with plenty of twists and turns
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