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  1. I got an autograph but I regret not getting my photo with Matthew Lillard. It was delayed so much on Saturday and I had to leave to catch my train home.
  2. I got an 8x10 signed by Matthew Lillard and one by Billy Dee Williams. However this is by far my favourite autograph from any con.
  3. Hayden's gift cracked me up. It's a powerbank and on the side it says "You underestimate my power" Genius.
  4. I had the same thing happen but with Matthew Lillard! Really felt lucky about that.
  5. I only got one photo and autograph this year but I'm so happy with both of them! When I handed Ray Park the lightsaber he started immediately spinning it around. Which is actually pretty intimidating to see up close aha!
  6. I've got a photoshoot with Ray Park booked for the Saturday. I'm in Batch 2. I get into Kings Cross at 9:07 that morning. Will I still be able to get to the photoshoot in time? Thanks!
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