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    Guests you missed this year

    I got an autograph but I regret not getting my photo with Matthew Lillard. It was delayed so much on Saturday and I had to leave to catch my train home.
  2. Gaz3478

    What are you getting/what did you get signed?

    I got an 8x10 signed by Matthew Lillard and one by Billy Dee Williams. However this is by far my favourite autograph from any con.
  3. Gaz3478

    Diamond Pass Gifts = good

    Hayden's gift cracked me up. It's a powerbank and on the side it says "You underestimate my power" Genius.
  4. Gaz3478

    Day Two

    I had the same thing happen but with Matthew Lillard! Really felt lucky about that.
  5. Gaz3478

    Guest Suggestions

    Sam Witwer would be amazing.
  6. Gaz3478

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    I only got one photo and autograph this year but I'm so happy with both of them! When I handed Ray Park the lightsaber he started immediately spinning it around. Which is actually pretty intimidating to see up close aha!
  7. I've got a photoshoot with Ray Park booked for the Saturday. I'm in Batch 2. I get into Kings Cross at 9:07 that morning. Will I still be able to get to the photoshoot in time? Thanks!