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  1. My favourite part was getting my photo and auto with Steven Yeun. People say you should never meet your idols but Steven was completely charming and I still can't believe I've been lucky enough to meet him!!
  2. Steven Yeun and Emily Kinney :) (photo and auto for both!)
  3. Met Emily yesterday. I had her photo shoot in the afternoon but half an hour before it started I was walking past her table and she was on an open queue! Had a chat with her and she was absolutely lovely. I mentioned that I had the photoshoot next and she seemed really happy and said that she was excited to see me again later. Photo shoot was a little rushed but again she was so sweet and I got a great photo. I really hope I have the opportunity to meet her again sometime!
  4. Very very happy after meeting Steven today. What a gentleman!! Managed to get my auto before 12 as well!
  5. Oh damn I was planning on getting there at 8. I need to collect my diamond pass on the day as I don't live in London so haven't been able to collect it earlier. I have a photo shoot with Steven Yeun at 9:30 but if I'm going to be shoved to the back of the queue after collecting my pass I guess I'm going to be late. I've never been to a con before so now I'm panicking a bit!
  6. If I'm collecting my diamond pass on the Saturday morning and my first photo shoot is at 9:30 will I have enough time if I get to the venue between 8-8:30?
  7. Diamond Pass: Steven Yeun Photo op: Emily Kinney As you may be able to tell I'm a big walking dead fan. Steven is my hero.
  8. Ah thank you. I guess I'll just have to hope for the best then! I was going to buy my ticket months ago but wasn't sure if I was free until last week, it's my own fault I suppose
  9. Hi, this is my first ever time attending a con. I've brought a diamond pass for Steven Yeun for the Saturday (the only day I can attend). I only brought my tickets last week and now I'm really worried I won't get an autograph. Is there any chance at all that I will get my autograph? Obviously getting a photo is amazing but I'd love him to sign something. Also if I bring my Glenn Funko pop can I get that signed?
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