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  1. ThexLuckyxDuck

    Answers to FAQ

    Lol! Id have to have a cabbage for that! Would be a great op pic
  2. ThexLuckyxDuck

    Answers to FAQ

    Thank you :)
  3. ThexLuckyxDuck

    Answers to FAQ

    My photo op is at the end of the day and I'm bound to have shopping. I'm on my own too so is there a place to put my bags while I have the photo done? Thank you (never done an op alone before)
  4. ThexLuckyxDuck

    Is there free wifi at Olympia?

    Thanks everyone I have an iPod touch so rely on wifi
  5. Trying to find your friends at a con is a nightmare! Does the venue have free wifi to use messenger apps? Thank you