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  1. It will be no way as busy as so 2014. I went to the last one and I was in and out the arena a few times with no problem getting back in.
  2. They are usually a good one but it all depends on what you want him for and what time of day you get to him as some might run out. If there is a special item you want it is best to bring with you or look around the many stalls at the event.
  3. From what i have read on another sight Marv had his flight changed by the airline he will not get in the UK until Friday night.
  4. Thank you My Queen. I am rather confused but that is nothing new.
  5. So are the comic guests only attending for an hour each? I was expecting them to be around all day doing drawings and signing.
  6. You are on the website all you have to do is click his photo to find out all you need to know.
  7. One persons big guest might not be big for all. They have to fit them in some place and with so many guests there is going to be a clash some place.
  8. Thank you Queen Sindel. You are doing a good job with the announcements today.
  9. Any news yet on the guests? It is past the weekend and close to the pre-order shop shutting.
  10. Might it be the name for the Star Wars guests? That would be a guest update.
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