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  1. My parents got a notification message about him passing away and I couldn't find it on the internet so I thought my parents were joking. Then I heard it on Dutch news and I was shocked. Could have met him a few months ago but didn't
  2. Ah well still more names on my list and I will meet him someday
  3. Still hoping for Paul Wesley for a Salvatore brothers duo. Big Marvel guest like Tom Holland, Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch David Tennant, Nathan Fillion, Chad Michael Murray, Karen Gillan
  4. I saw them using different pens. Tom Welling even had his own special pen that he loved. But all the autographs dried in seconds. But framing with a mount would be best to keep it nice
  5. How did it went? I'm already gone but hopefully all diamond passes have their autograph
  6. But VQ are not guaranteed to get an autograph. I really hope diamond pass people will get there autograph. I had some luck that I got it before he left for the photoshoots
  7. I did that during the night. Got a standard email back and 4 minutes after that I got an email stated that it was refunded. Wow they are quick!
  8. Thank you so much for this! I got it! My brother was still awake and he lend me the money. Sooo happy right now. Gave up this morning when it still wasn't added. Only thing is that I have bought a photo opp but now I have one already in the diamond pass. Do they see this as an upgrade so I can get refunded?
  9. Thank god. Hopefully I'll get my money early. Setting an alarm clock right now so I wake up early. Stressful moments right now
  10. Even tried to call my brother to lend me money but I guess he is asleep. Cry
  11. Can someone see how many diamond passes are available for Matt Smith? I can't see it. Get my money tomorrow so hopefully I won't be too late again
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