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  1. Saw a few faces from the forum saturday (although shyly didnt day hello) @DaveyMorgy near Tom Bakers auto line and @The Friendly Dalek in the queue for Tom Bakers photo.
  2. Maybe it was to stop the light reflecting on the picture so George could see what he was writing.
  3. Sounds about right for the knitting convention you're going to.
  4. The Lost Boys is on freeview right now. It's a sign.
  5. I normally bring a packed lunch to olympia, not been an issue before.
  6. And if they can get Emilio Estevez, Kiefer et al well that would be perfect for a Young Guns reunion. Just saying.
  7. Theres 1 Tom Baker photo available in the store if anyones after 1.
  8. Thanks for floor plan. Bogs located.
  9. C to the a to the m to the e to the r to the o to the n. D to the i to the a to the z.
  10. Loads more in the store if you're after one. An additional 6 batches.
  11. Kiefer Sutherland Teri Hatcher Steve Guttenberg
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