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  1. You're doing an AMAZING job Showmasters! I've already go my DP's for Charlie Sheen, Brendan Fraser, Billy Dee Williams, Robert Carlyle, Lana Parilla and Emile De Ravin! And now you've announced Hayden Christensen? You're bleeding me dry!
  2. Without getting into Spoilers, could the big 3 be any of these guys: Robert Downey Jr Chris Evans Scarlett Johansson
  3. That's an excellent point. I need to think of something to bring that's Two and a Half Men related that would go well in a photo
  4. If posed photos are allowed for the Photo Shoots, I'd love to have one of myself and Charlie having a beer together.
  5. Oh my god! My guess was right! Hey, Charlie! Can I borrow a couple of bucks so I can meet you at Comic Con? Oh, crap! I've turned into Alan!
  6. Ralph Macchio Alfonso Ribiero Elisabeth Shue Charlie Sheen Amy Jo Johnson
  7. I'm tempted to purchase a second photo op. But this photo will feature Lana pulling out my heart. Just need to get my hands on a human heart. Anyone wanna sell me theirs on Ebay? LOL
  8. I'd love to meet Rose McIver again. Such a sweet and lovely person
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