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  1. Again?? He cancelled last year too..i get he has work commitments but seriously? At least there's still other good guests..
  2. Michelle Gomez Michael Keaton Stephen baldwin Ned Luke GTA 5 crew Elijah woods Some of Big Bang theory cast John Barrowman Peter Capaldi Frank Langella (Now that would be awesome to have skeletor from masters of the universe there)
  3. Great con!! Met hellraiser cast who so nice and friendly. The stalls were brilliant!! SM staff were so helpful and cool guys.. what is there to moan about it..?? Nothing at all..was awesome!!! Can't wait for next one.. the absence of the guests who couldn't make it..was not a an issue...still had a fantastic time. The talk was a great experience. Thank you to all guests and the staff.
  4. Omg can't believe it's today. I've had coffee and breakfast this morning..got my big bang theory tshirt on..got my money..I'm ready to go..even though some guests have cancelled I'm still going to enjoy myself. Sean and Ian are the two I'm looking forward to meeting. Plus cosplay costumes I'm keen to see..thank you SM..and to the guys who gave me advice etc. Those who are going..have fun!
  5. U could still come though..loads of other guests there. :-)
  6. Oh no I wouldn't do it with talks I know that's not allowed but yeah during the day
  7. What's the rules etc for live feeding or/and recording using my phone?don't want to get in trouble on first time..
  8. That's the thing the standard ticket is 11am..so not sure if I'd be in on time for Sean's professional photographer op. I will be in the queue
  9. I'm going for the talks with hellraiser guests.
  10. I'm going for autograph with Ian and shaun. Maybe have a little selfie with them. I've got standard ticket. I've saved up quite abit too.
  11. I am really looking forward to tomorrow! Any last minute tips and advice..
  12. I've already decided on having autograph from sean chapman. Then maybe a selfie if time. Just meeting him would be so cool
  13. Any or all of big bang theory cast would be awesome
  14. I'm hoping to purchase a mask and hopefully something big bang theory related items..I'm soooo excited though lol
  15. Well I'm going to have autograph from sean might have one from Ian..definitely going for the free talk with hellraiser guests as I'm a huge hellraiser fan..and it would be awesome to hear them speak about their work in person rather or aswell as on YouTube etc..I've saved up quite abit so I'm going to be like a kid in a sweet shop lol..
  16. Sean chapman is the guy I'm really looking forward to meeting and Ian mcneice
  17. IF anymore guests are announced can you pay to have photos/autographs on the day or does it have to be paid for in advance?
  18. Now that refund come through..I'm going to choose...Sean chapman..I'm a hellraiser fan so definitely going for him. Then going for the talk thing..excited? Hell yes!!
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