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  1. Hotel prices were only crazy if you wanted to stay near the venue; over £200 for a basic room in an average hotel is really not on. Tbh staying near the NEC was only really needed for those wanting to party 'til late, and even then a taxi into Birmingham city centre wasn't exhorbitant. - Far better to get a city centre hotel for £80 with a £20 taxi fare than a £250+ room in the NEC/airport hotels. There could have been more done to make the interior appealing; as amazing as the bridges were , there needed to be more. Having said that,the cost of doing so to such a large hall would have be
  2. I agree that having the bridges out in the open looked very cool indeed. And if they'd been hidden from view it would have been a great shame. Again going back to guests I was really happy with those who attended. Tbh I rather just have those who really want to be there, and they all seemed that way, And I agree on the 'chill out' zone - it seemed to be showing a 2 minute advert on loop. Would it have been that dificult to have had a few episodes of ST showing instead?
  3. I think it would have been a good idea to get people in advance to pose their questions to stewards so that nothing was duplicated and no awkward ones were asked. That way you would know who was going to ask the questions (they seemed to get a bit confused where the mike was going). Is that not the way these things are normally done?
  4. Think it was Maz doing the bridge shots on TNG. They weren't whizzing through them like with Bill Shatner, as he was putting on a show. Longer wait (but shorter queues). I would never mind waiting longer when the experience was that memorable. Like I said earlier, if I go again, I'll get shots with Gowron , Max and a double with George and Walter as they looked like they were all having lots of fun. I don;t regret getting up close for my photo-shoot with Bill though.
  5. Couple of things I'd like to add. All of the negatives were completely blown away by just how amazing the guests were. Considering many must have had some jet lag and were then expected to do 2 or 3 long days, you could be forgiven for thinking they may be a shade jaded, but not a bit of it. They all seemed bright and bubbly, and although you may think that's what they get paid for , it can't be easy to do the job so well. George and Walter (as I have mentioned) were absolute LEGENDS, esp Walter. For instance, Walter did a 40 minute talk, then within 5 minutes he was back at his desk signi
  6. A few comments (hope they're fairy balanced) Firstly, I think that it could be let known much earlier that the talks would be on Saturday and Sunday. I get that there's a lot of finalising to do , but I suspect that as the opening ceremony was only on late , there was never any realistic chance of talks being done on that day. This would have helped people like myself to plan our weekends. It's not very easy to do when you only have a few days notice. I also think that the packages could have been sold without having to decide there and then which talks/autograph package you were going to
  7. Sorry, probably stupid questions, but I've looked on the website and am confused. I bought a photoshoot with William Shatner, and I'm in the last batch for Saturday - how do I know what time it will be at? Also it says the opening time for 'pass pick up' is 8am Sat. Is this just for people who pay on the day, or will I need one, or do I just print my emailed ticket? (I've got a Commander ticket and received an email) Thanks
  8. To get a photo with 3 of the few remaining cast would have been of much appeal though, and possibly there may never be another opportunity to do so (in the UK at least). And at the price even if only a handful of people bought one you're still talking about thousands of pounds.
  9. I almost booked this, but changed and went for the photoshoot with Bill. What's the reason for cancellation?
  10. I too would like to say that in NO WAY is this the fault of any mods, This is pretty much the only platform we have to vent our frustrations on, and if the mood of the forum is like this, it should be telling the event organisers something. If we said nothing then it would look like we're all happy with the way it's been handled, which is quite clearly not the situation.
  11. Could we at least know which days the talks are for? I want a Commander ticket but can't attend on the Friday. I just don't want to book a talk group where my talks are on the Friday. Do you have any idea if this info will be confirmed soon?
  12. Due respects to whichever stars are going there, but from a personal point of view I'd rather have Shatner, Koenig and Takei than any others.
  13. For me it's more about the quality than the number, and I'm quite happy with the line-up - anything else is just a bonus. It's also the fans that make it a special occasion, and I'm sure we'll be fine on that score too. All we really need is more details about dates so that we can book our Lieutenant/Commander tickets!
  14. Unless you opt for the £2,999.00 Admiral package or the £899.00 Captain's package you WILL have to pay for Mr. Shatner's autograph. The cost of Mr. Shatner's autograph is likely to be the same as the cost of his photoshoot, which is £55.00. The most expensive included autograph in the Commander's package is worth between £20.00 and £30.00 of which you have 2 plus another 3 autographs worth £15.00. Thanks. Yeah , I kind of assumed I'd probably need to pay for his autograph. In all honesty it's the only one I really want so £55 I can live with.
  15. Thanks again, that's why I was thinking of going for the Commander package, as I'm guessing there'll be a lot less of those than Lieutenants (and £900 for a Captain's ticket is just TOO much of a jump up). Hopefully his autograph won't be as much as his photoshoot. £55 seems reasonable for a photoshoot, not as much so for an autograph, but he's probably about the only person I would pay that much money to, as he's an absolute legend.
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