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  1. HI This is prob a dumb question, but this is the first time I have brought a Saturday Diamond pass (for Rory Mcann) Can you tell me where I pick this up Thanks Sara
  2. I know that not all the photos have been uploaded yet. (Yes I have read the above) I was just wondering if this was the reason there isn't an option to buy the Dolph photos yet.
  3. Can anyone tell me who the authors were that was there and the books that was available to buy. I didn't get a chance to head in that direction as I had back to back photoshoots. But I did see someone with a book I would have bought but I now can't remember the name of it (though is was something like dystopia)and having trouble finding it as it was an independent publication and from what I can see this book isn't on the guest authors page.
  4. Only thing I regret was not having enough time to check out the authors section.
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