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  1. Hi can anyone tell me why Tobe Hooper isn't appearing on the pre order page? thanks
  2. Haha yeah the pregnancy order.....That's a different service lol. OK great so I'm assuming I just pack up my item and include a copy of my receipt so they know it's me.
  3. Ah that's good so now I know the address. When I purchased the pregnancy order I selected a certain type of postage, do you know if that's how I send my item or how it will be sent back to me?
  4. That page is showing the address and cut off dates for London film and comic con still, that isn't for the Sheffield one unfortunately.
  5. Hey. Yea I've sent 2 messages already and still no reply. Just thought we would have been given a bit more of a heads up by now.
  6. Still no info on pre orders has been announced yet. Just a little concerning as the event isn't far away now and it'd b great to know where I'm sending my items etc.....anyone else??
  7. We horror fans really want Doug Bradley:)
  8. Hi, sorry it's for the Sheffield convention.
  9. Hi everyone. I unfortunately cannot make it to the convention so I have purchased the option to send in my own item and have to guests sign it for me. However I can't seem to find the instructions online to follow in order to do this correctly. Can anybody please advise?
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